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Childrens World

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Children's World is an interactive musical storybook for young children to explore music while listening & being a part of it by tapping on the characters, instruments & objects that pop up to make them sound & act with the music.Each playful scene / chapter has its characteristic sounds & acts & always allows to be an active partaker - or just simply listen if it is wished so. The more they play the more they will discover, the more they know the more they will have fun to play along with the music.
Children's World is designed primarily for children age 2-5.
Children's World has right now 3 scenes / chapters -
* Circus* Birds* Crocodile
but will continuously extend. It will never have in-app purchases but instead the fee will rise with every new chapter / scene - so once you buy it you will get all updates & additions without any costs.
Each piece of music is specially written & arranged by Magdalena Majlender Bolling.
Ideal for children & parents to play together..
Works / tested on both mobile & tablet devices.
Have fun!